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Effect of denture base surface pretreatments on the tensile bond strength between a resilient liner and a processed denture base resin 의치상 레진의 표면 전처리가 연성 이장재와의 인장결합강도에 미치는 영향
Min-Chul Yoon, Chang-Mo Jeong, Young-Chan Jeon
윤민철, 정창모, 전영찬

Statement of problem: The failure of adhesion between the resilient denture liner and the
denture base is a serious problem in clinic.
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of denture base resin surface pre-
treatments (mechanical and/or chemical) on the tensile bond strength between a resilient liner
and processed denture resin.
Material and method: Acrylic-based resilient liners (Soft liner; GC co., Japan & Coe-Soft;
GC America Inc. USA) and silicone-based resilient liners (Mucosoft; Parkell Inc., USA & Dentusil;
Bosworth co., USA) were used. Specimens in each soft lining material were divided two groups
with or without mechanical pretreatment. Each denture base specimen received 1 of 4 chemical
pretreatments including: (1) no treatment, (2) 30-s acetone treatment, (3) 15-s methylene chlo-
ride treatment, (4) 180-s methyl methacrylate treatment. All specimens were thermocycled and
placed under tension until failure in a universal testing machine.
1. Silicone-based resilient liners exhibited significantly higher tensile bond strengths than acrylic-
based resilient liners (P<.05).
2. Grinding the denture base resin improved tensile bond strengths of silicone-based resilient
liners, but reduced tensile bond strengths of acrylic-based resilient liners (P<.05).
3. In acrylic-based resilient liners, treating with acetone significantly increased the bond strength
of Soft liner and treating with methyl methacrylate significantly increased the bond strength of
Coe-Soft (P<.05). However they were not effective compared to silicone-based resilient liner.
4. In silicone-based resilient liners, treating with all chemical etchants significantly increased
the bond strength of Mucosoft to denture base, and treating with methylene chloride and methyl
methacrylate increased the bond strength of Dentusil to denture base (P<.05).
Conclusion: Although chemical and mechanical pretreatments were not effective on tensile
bond strength of acrylic-based resilent liner to denture base, treating the denture base resin sur-
face with appropriate chemical etchants after mechanical pretreatment significantly increased the
tensile bond strength of silicone-based resilient liner to denture base.

* Keywords: Resilient liner, Denture base resin, Mechanical pretreatment, Chemical pretreatment


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