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A study on the bond strength of reline resin to pressure injection type thermoplastic denture base resin 가압주사식 열가소성 의치상 레진과 이장 레진 간의 결합강도에 관한 연구
Tae-Sung Moon, Chang-Mo Jeong, Young-Chan Jeon, Jang-Seop Lim
문태성, 정창모, 전영찬, 임장섭

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the bond strength of reline resin to pressure injec-
tion type thermoplastic denture base resin. The denture base resins used in this study were Hi-
polycarbonate®(High Dental Co., Japan), Acetal dental
®(Pressingdental s.r.l., Repubblica di San
Marino)  of  thermoplastic  resin  and  Acron MC®(GC Dental  Industrial  Co.,  Japan)  of  heat
cured resin. The reline resins used were Lucitone 199®(Dentsply international Inc., USA), Tokuso
rebase®(Tokuyama Corp., Japan), and Lightdon-U®(Dreve- Dentamid-Gmbh, Germany). The reline
resins are representative of heat- cured, self-cured, and light-cured resin respectively. Bond strength
was examined by use of a three-point transverse flexural strength test.
The results were as follows:
1. The bond strength of Lucitone 199 to Acron MC was the highest.
2. The bond strengths of Lucitone 199 and Tokuso rebase to Hi-polycarbonate resulted in a val-
ue of approximately one half that of Lucitone 199 to Acron MC, and there were no signifi-
cant differences between these and the bond strength of Tokuso rebase to Acron MC(p<0.05).
3. The bond strengths of reline resins to Acetal dental were lower than those of reline resins to
4. For all base resins Lightdon-U showed lower bond strength than the other reline resins. 

* Keywords: Thermoplastic resin, Polycarbonate, Polyacetal resin, Denture reline

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