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A new manufacturing method of all ceramic restoration using alumina tape and presentation of clinical cases
Nam-Sik Oh, Eui-Seong Kim, Keun-Woo Lee, Jung-Suk Han, Dae-Joon Kim, Myung-Hyun Lee
오남식, 김유성, 이권우, 한정숙, 김대준, 이명현

In an effort to facilitate fabrication procedure of all ceramic crowns, a novel preparation method
for all ceramic crown using alumina tape was developed. The alumina tape having a uniform
thickness was cast by using Doctor blade method. The physical properties of newly introduced
alumina tape has biaxial flexure strength of 500~600 MPa. The value of toughness is 3.18~
3,28 MPa.m1/2
which corelates with facture and the linear shrinkage rate of the alumina tape
is 0.44% during core production.  The marginal fitness of the alumina tape all-ceramic
restoration with 90° shoulder margin had average marginal discrepancy at 78.3㎛and average
marginal gap at 44.4㎛. At the marginal preparation of 135° deep chamfer, the average mar-
ginal discrepancy at 82.1㎛and the average marginal gap at 40.2㎛had been reported.
This fabrication procedure of all ceramic crowns with alumina tapes is easier and less technical
sensitive for dental technicians.
After restoration with new all ceramic crowns we followed the patients 2 years later, there were
no complications as porcelain fractures or periodontal disease. We had good esthetic clinical
results with new all ceramic crowns.

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