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Developement of the reinforced acrylic-based hybrid denture composite resin with vinyloligosilsesquioxane(POSS)
Kwang-Woo Nam, Myung-Woo Chang, Bok-Sook Chang, Dong-Hoo Han, June-Sung Shim, Ik-Tae Chang, Seong-Joo Heo, Jung-Ho An, Dong-June Chung
남광우, 장명우, 장복숙, 한동호, 심준승, 장익태, 허승주, 안정호, 장동준

The mainly used polymeric material for the denture is PMMA because of its cost and easiness
to handle. So it was widely used material among dentists for past decades. But the acrylic-based
denture materials have several common weak points such as shrinkage after curing and
lack of strength. In order to solve these problems, we adapted one of hybrid system using acrylic
polymer and vinyloligosilsesquioxane(POSS). POSS, which is a well known expandable
monomer during polymerization process, may eventually suppress volumetric shrinkage. And
the hybrid system makes it possible for the polymer to be stable in various severe conditions.
Eight different kinds of samples were designed and synthesized. Each samples were characterized
with dynamic mechanical analyser(DMA) to confirm their thermodynamic properties, frac-
tured to analyze the cross-sectional morphology of the samples. And elongation, flexural and
impact tests were also executed to evaluate the mechanical properties of the samples. From the
results, hybrid composites had well defined crosslinked network structure compared to the
widely used denture materials, and the mechanical strength improved without changing any
surface condition as increment with POSS ratio in hybrid system. Fractured morphology showed
homogeneous surfaces in spite of mutli component system, therefore we can conclude that the
adoption of the POSS brought the reinforcement of the denture resin.

* Keywords: Denture resin, PMMA, Vinyloligosilsesquioxane(POSS), Hybrid system, Thermodynamic property, Mechanical property, Shrinkage suppression

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