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The Effects of Fabrication and Tightening methods of Gold Cylinder on the Preload of the Implant Abutment 금 실린더의 제작법과 고정 방법이 임플랜트 지대주의 preload에 미치는 영향
Hye-Won Cho, Sung-Hoon Kim
조혜원, 김성훈

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of fabrication and tightening methods of
gold cyliner on the preload of the standard abutment. Three linear strain gauges (KFR-02N-120-
C1-23, Kyowa, Japan) were mounted longitudinally on the 5.5mm Standard abutment (Nobel
Biocare, Sweden) and three kinds of gold cylinders such as, as-received gold cylinder, gold cylin-
der after casting, and plastic cylinder after casting with type IV gold alloy were connectedd over
the top of the standard abutment. Two kinds of tightening methods, such as manual torque with
handheld screwdriver and electronic torque using Electronic torque controller were used to gen-
erate preload on the abutment. The result were as follows;
1. The preload generated by tightening cast plastic cylinder with handheld screw driver, was the
lowest among the six groups.
2. The  preload  generated  by  cast  plastic  cylinder was  lower  than  those  by  gold  cylinders
regardless of the tightening methods.
3. The electronic torque controller produced higher torque values than the handheld screwdriv-

* Keywords: Gold cylinder, Gold screw, Handheld screwdriver, Preload, Strain gauge, Torque

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