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The effects of mono-poly on the soft denture liners 의치상용 연성 이장재에 대한 mono-poly의 효과
Ji-Hyun Heo, Tai-Ho Jin, Hye-Won Cho
허지현, 진태호, 조혜원

Soft denture liners or conditioners may be valuable therapeutic materials. The life of these lin-
ers is short and varies, but it can be extended by the use of a mono-poly(polymethyl methacry-
late coating material). This study determined whether coating three temporary soft denture lin-
ers with mono-poly affected the resiliency of soft liners, and evaluated the ability of mono-poly
to prevent water absorption  and alcohol loss from the underlying soft liners. 20×12mm cylin-
drical specimens of Coe-Soft, Soft-Liner, Coe-Comfort soft lining materials were made and divid-
ed into two groups of mono-poly uncoated(control) and mono-poly coated specimens. Specimens
were immersed in water and compressed on an instron universal testing machine and weighed
at initial, 24 hours, 1 week, 2 weeks, and 4 weeks. Resiliency was determined by measuring the
energy absorbed by the soft  liners when stressed to a specific yield point. Mono-poly coating sig-
nificantly increased the resiliency of the Soft-Liner, but had no effect on the other soft liners. Among
the 3 soft liners, Soft-Liner showed the hightest resiliency and modulus of elasticity. The weight
loss in Soft-Liner was the least among the 3 liners, and the weight loss in Coe-Soft was decreased
by monopoly coating.

* Keywords: Mono-poly

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