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Restoration of mandibular edentulous patient by dental implant: case report
Ji-Yung Kwon, Yung-Soo Kim.
권지영, 김영수

The completely edentulous patient has few treatment options in conventional dentistry.
When implants are considered, treatment plans range from a 2-implant overdenture to a com-
pletely implant-supported prosthesis.
Fixed prosthesis is often the preferred selection of the edentulous patient. fixed full-arch cer-
amo-metal restorations can be a predictable implant treatment modality for the edentulous patient.
Implant-supported fixed prosthesis has several advantages: predictability, fixedness, retriev-
ability, improved function, lower maintenance of prosthesis, long-term published success.  
Edentulous patients with a severely resorbed mandible often experience problems with
their dentures. Treatment concepts involving two to four implants for the support of an
overdenture have been proposed. There seems to be no need to insert more than two
endosteal implants to support an overdenture, however, long-term prospective studies are need-
ed to support this notion. Using short endosseous implants and an overdenture in the
extremely resorbed mandible is a justified treatment option because of the relative simplici-
ty and low morbidity of this treatment strategy.  Implant-supported overdenture has sever-
al advantages: Cost, retrievability, hygiene access, profile and contour control, increased
retention and stability, implant installed in a predicted region(ant. mandible). (J Korean
Acad Prosthodont 2000;38:360-365)

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