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A qualitative analysis of bonding between electroformed surface and veneering ceramics
Ho-Beom Kwon, and Soon-Ho Yim
권호범, 임순호

Statement of the problem.  Recently an innovative method of fabricating indirect restorations
by gold electroforming has been developed. But the bond quality and strength of the gold cop-
ing to the porcelain is uncertain.
Purpose of study.  The purpose of this study is to analyze and evaluate the electroformed gold
surface for mechanical bonding between the gold and the ceramic veneering.  
Methods/material.  Electroformed disks were made using electroforming technique. And the
surface of the electroformed coping was analyzed after sandblasting, heat-treatment, bonding
agent application, opaque porcelain firing with scanning electron microscopy and energy dis-
persive x-ray analysis.
Results.  In the analysis with SEM, Sandblasting made the sharp edges and undercuts on the
electroformed surface, and after bonding agent application, net-like structure were created on
the electroformed surface. In the energy dispersive x-ray analysis it is confirmed that electroformed
surface contains some impurities.
Conclusion.  With the use of sandblasting and bonding agent, electroformed surface seems to
be enough to bond with veneering porcelain.

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