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Stress analysis of anterior cantilever bridge
Hong-So Yang, Chul-Whoi Ku
양홍수, 구철회

State ment of Problems.  Although some clinicians report long-term success with fixed par-
tial denture (FPD) that contain cantilever pontic, the use of cantilever FPDs may be hazardous
because of unfavorable leverages during mastication.
Purpose of Study.  This study aims to compare the stress induced in the periodontium with
normal and reduced bone support, and to analyze the stress distribution patterns of anterior
cantilevered FPDs using the finite element method.
Results.  Cantilever bridge with a reduced bone level generated the highest peak stresses in
the periodontium. In the models of reduced bone support, a cantilever bridge exhibited the great-
est mobility and a 3-unit fixed restorations induced the smallest mobility of canine. The
highest peak stress level of a 3-unit bridge in the periodontium is similar to the unrestored sit-
uation. But stress distribution in the bone is modified.
Conclusion.  In reduced bone support, a cantilever bridge exhibited the greatest mobility and

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