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THE RETRIEVABILITY OF CEMENTATION TYPE IMPLANT ABUTMENT BY SURFACE TREATEMENTS AND TYPES OF CEMENTS Cemented type implant에서 지대치의 표면조도와 cement의 종류가 Retrievability에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구
Jai-Bong Lee.D.

This study was performed to investigate the retrievability of the cementation type implant abut-
ments. The cements used in this study were Cavitec, Tembond and Zinc Phosphate Cement. The
types of surface conditioning were no treatment, 50 microne sandblasting, 250 microne sandblasting,
fine diamond finishing point and coarse diamond point. The retention of cast crown was measured
with Instron Universal Testing Machine(Instron Engineering Co., U.S.A.).
The results were as follows:
1. The Maximium retention was obtained by the group of Z.P.C. cementation and Coarse diamond
point surface conditioning.
2. Z.P.C. shows maximum retention, and reduced in orders Tembond, Cavitec, No cement .
3. The value of retention of surface condition was highest in coarse diamond point, lowest in no
4. The similar results were obtained between fine diamond point and 50 microne sandblasting,
coarse diamond point and 250 microne sandblasting.
5. The were no direct corelation between mechanical retetnion and cementation retention.

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